Nature's Kefir

Natures Kefir is founded by health conscious individuals who wanted to clean and detoxify the body in a natural way. This is how we came to know about kefir and benefitted a lot from this super probiotic drink.

We carefully source high-quality ingredients to ensure the healthiest drink possible, from organic grass-fed cow’s milk for healthy milk kefir, to organic sugar for water kefir, coconut water for coconut kefir, and organic tea leaves for a delicious kombucha tea. Many people who buy kefir grains from us are of similar kind or some of them are recommended by doctors and dietitians.

Our culturing process by (organic A2 milk, organic jaggery powder and natural tender coconut water), because we want to give the best. We’re committed to providing the best quality kefir grains to our customers, regardless of where we source them.

Why Choosing Us

Top Quality

100% Natural

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100% Vegan